Google Pixel Fold 2 display might be even bigger, according to a leak

After MWC 2024 last month, it was clear that foldable phones aren’t going anywhere despite previous prophecies of doom. Samsung is obviously very much in the running, and Honor is pulling out the stops as well. Google is the one brand that is believed to be a bit over the fence, especially in the direction it will be taking its Pixel Fold in. There are already some expected big changes in design, but the changes might be even bigger than expected, literally. According to the latest rumor, the Google Pixel Fold 2’s screens will indeed be bigger, but they will actually be a lot bigger than previously cited, and this change could have significant repercussions for the rest of the foldable phone’s design.

Designer: Google (via Ross Young)

Although foldable phones are marketed as phones that can turn into tablets, the reality is that they can only turn into mini tablets that are even smaller than the iPad mini. This is mostly due to the requirement that these devices should still be usable as normal phones, something that’s actually near impossible if you fold a 10-inch tablet in half. Not unless you can actually fold it in three, which is what Samsung might be doing soon.

In the meantime, however, phone manufacturers have to work within that limitation, and Google will apparently be pushing the boundaries with its second-gen design. According to the newest unofficial information, the Google Pixel Fold 2 will have an external “Cover Screen” size of 6.29 inches and an internal main display of 8.02 inches. Considering the first Pixel Fold had sizes of 5.8 inches and 7.6 inches for those same screens, that’s a rather big jump in terms of screen size. For comparison, the iPad mini has an 8.3-inch screen.

That size increase won’t just be for the sake of bragging, though, as it will definitely affect the usability of the device. Yes, you will be able to enjoy more content or a less cramped space, but that could come at the cost of being bigger to hold in one hand, especially when folded as a phone. There’s also the matter of bezel size, which the Pixel Fold was notorious for. Either way, it won’t be the compact foldable that many people actually loved, so Google might lose some fans but gain others.

Unfortunately, the source didn’t confirm the other two big changes rumored for the Pixel Fold 2, particularly the aspect ratio and especially the camera design. The latter might prove to be the more controversial change for Google’s once-beautiful design, especially if the hardware upgrade doesn’t exactly warrant that change. The screens for the Pixel Fold 2 will reportedly go into production next month, so an announcement won’t be far away.