Meta Quest 3S images leak online, hinting at an even more affordable VR headset

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The Meta Quest 3 was supposed to be the cheaper alternative to the Meta Quest Pro… but now leaked photos from an internal presentation show a new device called the Meta Quest 3S, a ‘lite’ version of the already wildly popular VR headset. Sparked by user u/LuffySanKira on Reddit, screenshots supposedly from a Meta user research session offer a glimpse of the potential Quest 3s. The images showcase the rumored headset alongside the standard Quest 3, revealing some key specifications.

Designer: Meta

The Quest 3s is expected to be a more affordable version of its pricier counterpart. According to the leaks, it will feature a display resolution of 1920 x 1832 with 20 pixels per degree (PPD). This falls short of the Quest 3’s rumored 2208 x 2064 resolution and 25.5 PPD. Storage capacity is also speculated to be lower at 256GB compared to the Quest 3’s 512GB.

The leaked images provide a visual comparison as well. The Quest 3s appears slightly smaller overall, with the most noticeable difference being the front sensors. The Quest 3 has three oval cutouts, while the Quest 3s sports a configuration of six stacked cutouts, three on either side. These leaks are yet to be confirmed by Meta. However, they offer an exciting possibility for VR fans seeking a more accessible entry point into the world of virtual reality.