Ultra luxurious superyacht doubles as a submersible capable of 820 feet deep underwater exploration for four weeks

Discerning Billionaires who want to own the best super vessel to navigate the seas in style brace up for the Migaloo M5 superyacht. Labeled as the future of yachting, this $2 billion high-end vessel by the Austrian-based Migaloo is twice more expensive than the current costliest superyacht, the Lürssen Dilbar at $800 million.

The hyper-luxurious seacraft would still be out of the reach of many billionaires even and that’s what makes it special. Measuring 544 feet long and 75 feet wide, the M5 is a heaven on water for the 20 guests and 40 crew members. But that’s not where the surprises stop, it is also capable of diving to a depth of 820 feet and making an underwater stay for four weeks!

Designer: Migaloo

There’ll be more than anyone can bargain for to do on their extended holiday trips thanks to the two custom Midget submarines, two submersibles, a helicopter, jet skis, kite surfing and paddle boarding activities. This will be possible with the plethora of water toys that the superyacht will carry along including five Sea-Doo Jet-Skis, Seabobs, ROVs. UUVs, Zapata Racing flyboards, hoverboards, and everything else you need for paddleboarding, kitesurfing, and kayaking. Land expeditions when docked on shore are also not out of the question with the two expedition vehicles and pickup trucks.

According to Migaloo, they are ready to deliver the kind of amenities and interiors depending on the client’s requirements and personal taste. To scratch the surface these include a jaw-dropping dining room that can accommodate a party of 36 people, a tech-savvy cinema hall, swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a curated wine cellar, panoramic glass walls for stunning views en route the journey, and the most eye-popping expandable beach club you’ll ever see.

M5 fitted with a hybrid propulsion engine (diesel and AIP) will have a range exceeding 9,300 miles with a surface speed of 20 knots and 12 knots underwater exploration. According to Migaloo CEO Christian Gumpold, safety is their major concern after the Titan submersible’s unfortunate tragedy. To this end, finding prospective buyers was a challenge and they are looking for visionary billionaires who have “extraordinary demands for exclusivity, safety, adventure.”